At Toll House Clinic Limited the physiotherapists apply an evidence based systematic method of assessing your problem fully, listening to your clinical history.  We carry out an objective assessment in a private room where your modesty is assured and you can be accompanied should you prefer.  We then agree on a treatment plan, implementing close liaison with your GP and Consultant when necessary.  Treatment involves hands-on mobilisation, soft tissue massage, and trigger-point work, with or without acupuncture.



      Treatments Offered

      • Ultrasound
      • Interferential
      • Acupuncture
      • Soft Tissue Mobilisation
      • Pilates
      • Rehabilitation
      • Hands On Joint Mobilisation
      • Manipulation
      • Myofascial Stretching
      • Tailored Exercise Plans
      • Trigger Point Massage
      • K Tape
      • Ergonomic workplace assessment
        • Conditions We Treat

          • Spinal problems - back and neck pain with or without sciatic or arm pain or pins and needles
          • Neck pain after car accidents
          • Arthritis
          • Shoulder Problems
          • Joint problems, including ankle sprains, knee and cartilage problems and ligament injuries.
          • Soft tissue injuries, muscle tears, hamstring strain, haematomas
          • After surgery, ACL, rotator cuff and knee replacements.
          • Fractures – including wrist fractures, arm and leg fractures, internal fixation, rehabilitation, post operative physiotherapy
          • Sports injuries
          • Skiing injuries
          • Post pregnancy problems


            • The Health and Care Professions Council
            • Physio First
            • Members of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
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